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Beneficial Properties of Plai Essential Oil

Plai is a lesser known essential oil, but we add it to our Happy Relief blend so you can benefit from all of it's amazing properties!

Historically, plai essential oil has been used in traditional Thai massages to address joint/muscle problems and has been known to decrease muscle tension and improve restricted range of motion.

This oil is found in the roots of the Zingiber Cassumunar plant and extracted through the process of steam-distillation. During this process, monoterpenes like terpinen-4-ol and DMPBD are extracted from the plant as well. Specific research on plai essential oil can be difficult to find, but these active ingredients have been researched thoroughly and evidence suggests that these monoterpenes may have therapeutic benefits when applied topically.

Terpinen-4-ol is the most abundant monoterpene found in plai essential oil and has a wide variety of possible therapeutic effects. Research shows that this monoterpene is:

In addition, DMPBD was also found to be be a powerful anti-inflammatory. In fact, DMPBD had anti-inflammatory responses that were "twice as potent as the reference drug Diclofenac" (Pongprayoon et al., 1997) a drug made to reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation.

The proposed therapeutic benefits of these monoterpenes make plai essential oil a popular option for those looking to manage painful, chronic inflammatory conditions like arthritis, digestive issues, tendonitis, cramping, and respiratory conditions.

Here at The Original Oil Shop, we include plai essential oil in all of our CBD Happy Relief products. Give it a try! It's time to explore the benefits mother nature has to offer.

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