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CBD for Inflammation

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

When the body is injured or agitated, the immune system responds with inflammation. Splinters, twisted ankles, name it! Inflammation is usually a normal (and unpleasant) part of the healing process.

In some cases, inflammation can get out of hand. Anyone with a chronic inflammatory disorder like rheumatoid arthritis knows just how debilitating and uncomfortable it can be.

The unpleasant effects of inflammation may include:

  • Consistent pain

  • Decreased functionality (difficulty moving)

  • Swelling

  • Exhaustion

CBD to the Rescue!

What can be done to reduce painful inflammation that's holding you back? Cannabidiol (CBD) oils and topicals continue to be a popular, plant-based solution to that problem.

Current research suggests that CBD may have anti-inflammatory effects and may be able to help reduce inflammation in:

How it Works

The human body naturally produces cannabinoids which stimulate the C2 receptors primarily found on immune cells. This triggers the release of cytokine, a compound that influences inflammation. As a cannabinoid, the structure of CBD also stimulates C2 receptors and can inhibit the release of that compound.

What Next?

Go ahead, give CBD a try! Our salve and roll-on CBD products come ready to apply to those specific areas that need some relief. Alternatively, our ingestible CBD tinctures are better for chronic, long term management.

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