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Essential Oils for Sore Throats

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

We've all been there. A scratchy, swollen, painful-to-swallow sore throat can make you feel like world has bested you, but don't let it get you down without a fight. There are a number of natural remedies you can try for relief from even the nastiest sore throat.

Below is some information on my favorite essential oils for sore throats. Give them a try the next time you feel a tickle in your throat and see what works best for you.

Women with gloved hands checking her throat


If you need some serious relief fast, give peppermint a try. With intense analgesic and anti-inflammatory benefits this oil is no stranger to supporting you through sickness.  This essential oil is wonderful for cooling and killing pesky bacteria and viruses.  If your sore throat is accompanied by a fever, peppermint has been known to help calm that as well. You can find a fabulous peppermint roll-on here.

Peppermint roll-on from The Original Oil Shop


This oil has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antibiotic, antiseptic, AND antiviral properties. It has been known to relieve pain, stimulate the immune system, provide antioxidant protection, and improve respiratory circulation. This oil is truly a life saver when looking for relief from a sore throat.


This blessed oil can be a savior for sore throats!  Antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic (pain-reliever), this oil can cool your throat and boost the immune system for faster healing. 

Lemon tree

Tea Tree

This oil has been used for hundreds of years because of it’s incredible antiseptic and antimicrobial powers, even when used aromatically.  It reduces swelling and pain and has been shown to help with most any respiratory trouble.  Tea tree has so many healing properties, this is one essential oil to always keep stocked at home.

Happy Breathing

This blend is an ingenious combination of essential oils with respiratory, pain relief and immune stimulating properties. You can’t go wrong!  This blend has a clean, sweet, and minty fresh scent that can cool and soothe a throat in distress. You can find it here.

Happy Breathing from The Original Oil Shop


Oregano has some of the most powerful antibacterial and antiviral properties when it comes to essential oils. If you decide to apply Oregano topically, ALWAYS dilute well with a carrier oil. Try a single drop in a teaspoon or more of coconut or almond oil.  This oil is too strong to use topically on children.


Clove is known to help reduce swelling and assist the immune system. This is another one that can irritate skin so make sure to always dilute well with a carrier oil like coconut or almond. 

Cloves in a pile


This oil is often overlooked but is a wonderful remedy when it comes to sore throats.  It’s been used for centuries for pain relief, skin and tissue healing.  Plus, it blends well with frankincense, sandalwood and citrus oils for some extra potency when combating respiratory issues.

Happy Immunity

The oils in this blend were chosen for their incredible antibacterial and antiviral properties. They are powerful! Use this blend frequently when you feel the first signs of any kind of sickness, especially sore throats. Try setting a timer for every two hours to remind yourself to apply this oil. The roll-on is perfect for rubbing on your entire throat area. You can find it here.

Happy Immunity roll-on by The Original Oil Shop


With a strong affinity for the respiratory system, frankincense is an excellent choice.  It’s not only incredibly soothing, it has robust anti-inflammatory and pain relief attributes.  This oil also stimulates and supports the immune system while offering emotional calming during that stressful time of discomfort. 


 Not only is this oil anti-inflammatory, it has cooling, calming and soothing properties as well.  Studies show sandalwood is also antiviral and although this oil can be a little pricey, the benefits are definitely worth it!

How to Use Essential Oils for Sore Throats 

For fast results, try using these oils aromatically or topically!

Diffuser with vapor exiting the top

- Put a few drops of in a diffuser (a combination of any of these oils would be great too!)

- Apply with a carrier oil all around the throat area

- Use a few drops on an aromatic inhaler or cotton ball for easy inhalation

- Apply a small amount (diluted in a carrier oil) around nostrils for aromatic & topical


- Open the bottle and inhale once every few hours

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