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Essential Oils for the Flu

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

When the flu comes around, I often hear people say that they are "unlucky" for catching it that year, but there are actions you can take to reduce your chances. You probably know to wash your hands, sheets, and towels frequently, but there are also a number of natural remedies like essential oils that may help prevent illness, or reduce the symptoms if you do get sick. Here are some tips and tricks to help you utilize essential oils to fight the flu.

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Use your Essential Oils for Flu

No one wants to get sick. That's why when it comes to illness, we attack at all angles. Make sure to use both roll-ons and diffusers to get all the benefits from these essential oils:

Eucalyptus: May help with respiratory congestion & pain relief.

Orange: Stimulates the immune system and may help reduce nausea fever.

Palmarosa: Cooling, calming, and anti-bacterial, this oil stimulates the immune system and may help reduce fever and pain.

Black pepper: Helps expel mucus and is known to reduce pain and fever. This oil also stimulates the immune system.

Lemongrass: Immune system booster, may help reduce a fever.

Chamomile Roman: Is extremely calming and may help reduce fever.

Peppermint: Is known to assist with respiratory congestion and may help with fever/pain reduction.

Happy Immunity is a blend from The Original Oil Shop that's made from some of the oils discussed above, and many others with beneficial properties. This blend is know to be antibacterial AND antiviral making it a powerful tool to fight sickness.

In addition to Happy Immunity, try Happy Breathing for your flu symptoms as well! 

Finally, Get Some Sleep!

Sleep is the time your body uses to heal, recover and reset its defenses. There are studies that show that not getting enough sleep increases the chances of getting sick or catching the flu. Not to mention your ability to recover once you have it.

My favorite oils to help with sleep are Happy Sleep and Hemp.

There you have it folks! I hope the next time you come down with the flu you'll try one of these amazing natural remedies for possible relief from your symptoms. Stay healthy and remember, always contact your health care practitioner if you have concerns.

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